Do’s and don’ts of political parties


Do’s and don’ts of political parties

The political parties are the group of people who are organized, often with the common views, who have joint together to contest the elections and hold the power in a government. The parties agree on particular proposed programmes and policies, with the view of promoting collective good or spreading the supporters’ interests. There is some international commonality who give the way in which political parties are being recognized and how they operate though there are many differences as some are important. Many political parties are having the ideological core, while others do not have, and many are representing the ideologies differently from their ideology when the parties were formed. Here are do’s and don’ts of political parties.


Temporary election offices shouldn’t be situated near the schools, hospitals, and college. The permission needs to be got for all the vehicles used by the political parties from Collector and the vehicles without the permission need to be seized. The permission can be got for the public meetings and these meetings need to be conducted without tampering with the traffic.

Campaigning should end by 10 p.m. and the loudspeakers shouldn’t be used. The complaints in regard to the distribution of articles or cash need to be taken very seriously.

The party representatives need to ensure all their flags, wall writings, banners, and the hoardings were removed in three days. If not so they can be removed by authorities and expenditure could be included to the candidates’ expenditures account.

They are supposed to respect and uphold the democratic process even as they compete for the political power with the intention of implementing their policies. Political parties are supposed to stop the personal attacks which could be according to the basis of someone’s background. The places of the worship shouldn’t be used as a campaigning arena.

No public officer is supposed to be the party member or even hold office. This involves public servants, the member of the statutory authorities, the judges together with other judicial officers, security forces, among others.

Political parties can only be financed by the membership fees and the contributions from persons and all the sources of fund need to be disclosed.


Any political office needs to make the declaration of the income and the assets in care of themselves, their spouses and their children. This includes the total assets which include property and money along with the business’ interests, the directorships, and the gifts. Any candidate of the election needs to make sure the declaration of the income and the assets are of correct value. Also, any liabilities need to be listed.

No funding which gets got come from companies or the companies provides services for example accommodation and transport, discount or free advertising or goods/services of any type.

The political party is required to keep the proper books and they are supposed to be audited by the certified auditor and then published in a Government Gazette. They are also subjected to the Code of Conducts and they need to strictly observe the provisions. These generally include the requirement which any political party needs to have.

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